Hello friends,  Once again BHAVIN SHAH is with you for sharing my experience.

Every single creation of  God  – facing the problems  every day in theirs life and reaction of everyone ( or attitude in that situation) decides the category of winner (successful) or looser.  Every  single problem and every difficult situation is platform –  to prove yourself, to prove your ability, to improve your all corners of sharpness, to find new solution or getting new experience through it. Attitude in that situation is most important.

“ Every Top most people is successful  today because –

Successful  people  converts problem into opportunity. “

 In our journey of life, we all are facing different problems at daily basis. It is opportunity for someone and for other one – it is worst situation. We every day shows that – so many people who lose control in their mind in that type of difficult situation and focus only at problems and behaves like that – he is the only person of the world who has biggest problem and he can’t solve it. So many people losses their hopes and confidence, forgets their abilities but they are never try to believe in their self.

For solving the problem – other solution factors works after yours starting to believe in yourself.  All solution chain is starts with you. You are the person who can change everything you wants. First step is start believing yourself.

In that situation success minded people behaves with positive attitude.  Their thinking likes that –

“ yes ! This time I get new problem. This is the right time for me to prove myself. This is the opportunity to prove that why I am best?  this is the opportunity to improve myself, this is the opportunity for giving the speed to my success journey. I can surely solve it with my maximum efforts. This problem is really opportunity for me to make a difference between ordinary and extraordinary people. ”

These types of thinking creates the difference between success minded people and looser.

Most of the problems creates due to the over expectations. Expectations must be practical, realistic and achievable. So many people start their day with so many expectations and over expectations but never ready for facing the problems. In that situation, when problem comes then they lose their confidence and hope.

Never start your day with over expectations. Start your day with thinking like – I know there will be so many problems I have to face today and I am mentally ready for that. These type of attitude always help you to complete your expectations and always helps to solve the problems because with the starting of day, our mind is set for facing the problems so when problem comes – we face it easily with maximum efforts with cool mind. These really help you for completing your every dream and solving the problems.

Successful person always sets their minds like that. Always ready for problems because they know that problems gives us opportunity to do something different. Problem always gives you experience. So think different and always find opportunity in problems.

One different thinking in problematic situation can really change your life.


“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

 What do you think about that? What is your experience in that problem? What is your point of view on it? Did you find any opportunity in problem? Share your experience with me.

 You can give me your feedback \ suggestions \comments for that. I always welcome you.

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