When anyone starts his life journey then he never knows that how far he will go! After Conclusion of every journey, other decides that if this journey reach to success or failure. But before starting of journey No-one can know its ending! Before handling a bat , Sachin Tendulkar did not know about how to play cricket. Before purchasing a first “ TABLA” –  Zakir hussain did not know that how to play it. Before Starting a comedy night with Kapil, He did not know that his show will become a so Famous like today! So conclusion is nobody know how successful he will become but for that You must have start your journey with making proper goal and planning. You must have initiate !!!

 I started my journey when I was at the age of 18th. Before I started my journey, I did not know that I will become a youngest successful person of India and I will become a youngest self dependent car owner of India. I also did not know that I will become a inspiration speaker and trainer and become a youth’s inspiration. I did not know that people will named me “ THE BHAVIN SHAH”.

 I normally started my journey with proper planning and proper goal and with the great mentoring of Mr. Kushal soni, I reached at that historical achievements. In that journey I faced very worst to worst conditions and problem , I failed so many times but always came back with positive attitude. I think at the young age, one record must be nominated for me is “ for getting maximum Rejections in young age”. But I never loose my confidence and always works with positive thinking.

 So start your journey for making your society and your life beautiful. Every time is a perfect time for you when you truly want to start success journey.

Time flows continuously and we can not change the past. So start investing your time in proper way for success. When life ends, all calculations of your journey must be in your favor if you start now.

I started writing this blog not for telling you that ‘who is Bhavin shah and what is my achievement?’. I am Starting this blog for changing the thought of youth and converting them into positive way with self dependent life. I tried my best from so many years for Youth Empowerment because my belief is that Every problem will be solved if Youth become self dependent and responsible for society and country.

 Everything is dies with you and only remains your did for other and world and it is immortal.

What do you think about that ? Did you really started your journey with making proper planning and goal ? What is your thinking for Youth Empowerment ?  REPLY ME.


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