MY JOURNEY: Stammering boy became famous Youngest Motivational Speaker and Youngest Certified Corporate Trainer!


 Bhavin’s Journey So Far

A person who did not want to participate in any public speaking competition, who always want to speak less because of stammering problem and low confidence, who always refused to speak something in classes or in public place became a youngest motivational speaker and trainer with so many remarkable records.

He has started his “life changing journey” at the age of 18 and decided to renovate himself with extraordinary efforts.

He has started franchises & marketing business with ELITE organization under the guidance of his mentors. With franchises business, he had made a record of creating a thousands of franchises in very short time and also announced as “youngest car owner” by organization (purchased Maruti Suzuki swift Dezire car at the age of 20.5). He has also prepared more than 3000 Elite leaders for making society better. Due to his outstanding performance, he was rewarded by the ELITE as a best presenter of organization and also he became the best trainer of sales and business development.

During his Business, He got opportunity to meet lots of youngsters who want to do something big in their life but they are not clear about their passion, about desire, about purpose of life! He found that most of them are driving their lives without any direction and with full of doubts of their future!

So, he started working on Youth Empowerment with a movement of making youth self-dependent in every possible dimension. It was this life changing endeavor that made him one of most renowned youngest speaker of India and youth’s inspiration at a young age. He has given more than 500 motivational and Life Changing seminars. He has changed the life of more than 1,00,000 youngsters of India. He has guided all for success in young age and become the proud of society & nation. He became the Famous Youngest Motivational Speaker and Trainer. Also he has been working on training and skills development industry as a Corporate Trainer and business development head.

Bhavin Shah was also appreciated by “Sandesh news channel” for their show of “REAL HEROES- Real Contributor to our society”.

Word of THANKS!

I really Thanks to my ‘parents’ & ‘Almighty God’ for giving me the best thoughts with positive energy. Because of that I could transform the lacks of people’s life in better way and in every positive terms of society.

Ho rahi hai pir, parwat pigalni chahiye,

Is Himalaya se koi Ganga nikalni chahiye,

Sirf Hungama khada karna mera maksad nahi,

Meri koshish hai ki yeh surat badalni chahiye

Mere sine mai nahi to tere sine mai sahi

Ho kahi bhi aag, bas yeh aag jalni chahiye!’’

                                                                                                 -BHAVIN SHAH


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