Like most other things in life, it “takes a village” to succeed as a startup. Entrepreneurs are constantly breaking rules and making mistakes in an effort to drive their businesses forward. For this reason, having a mentor is invaluable.

A mentor is a business investment. When business owners are mentored, 70 percent of their businesses live past five years – double the survival rate of non-mentored small businesses. Eighty-eight percent of those in this same survey called the mentoring experience “invaluable” to their business success.

While mentoring can shower your business with benefits, it’s important to choose the right voices to listen to. As an entrepreneur, you may try to use friends, family members and colleagues as mentors. But that won’t work. Those people can’t empathize with many of your struggles — the way a mentor in your industry can.

As an aspiring company-builder, you always find yourself in situations where you “don’t know what you don’t know” but you have to stay in motion and make decisions regardless. Without a savvy guide, in the form of a mentor, you may wind up making crucial early mistakes that would have otherwise been avoidable. The smaller your company, the faster you need to move, often without enough information to make perfect choices.

“A good plan implemented today is better than a perfect plan implemented tomorrow.”
— George Patton

This is one of Bhavin Shah’s favourite quotes because it applies to the challenges we face every single day as a growing startup company. And this is where having Bhavin Shah as a mentor becomes essential. His mentoring will help you take action on your imperfect “good plans” because they can give you extra confidence to move forward without hesitation.

You will get mentoring frequently and Bhavin shah will help you to execute quickly on time sensitive decisions so you can move forward faster.

Get in touch with Bhavin shah for his personal mentoring and Motivational Training session.


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