Developing as a manager is an ongoing process. One very effective way for a manager to continue their development is to get mentor. Bhavin’s “manager mentoring program” is to guide managers with providing practical & live experiences.

In general, many senior managers find their own mentor, often outside their own organisation; it may be someone they met at a conference or someone they know from a previous job, whose judgment they respect, trust and have developed a rapport with. Often they are in a different but related area of work.

As one mentor said: “It doesn’t really matter what posts I have held, I am not offering professional supervision but the benefit of my experience as a senior manger.

Starting a mentoring relationship with Bhavin Shah

To help mentees the guidance provided covered suggestions for topics like managing your manager, conversations you can’t have with your line manager and beneficial conversations with impartial people who have dealt with the same issues.

Mentoring provided the individual with the opportunity to discuss a live issue in a safe environment and to use this to explore options and what type of manager they want to be.

Those senior managers who has been mentored by Bhavin Shah has reported back that they found it a rewarding experience.

Many organisations recognise the value of mentoring particularly for newly appointed and inexperienced managers. These are usually people who have been around for some time, are content to have found their place in the hierarchy, are not competing for promotion but want to put their experience to greatest effect by channelling their energies into encouraging others.

His mentoring schemes tap into this reservoir of experience, allowing people to focus their energies into areas where their wisdom will benefit less experienced managers and in so doing give them the opportunity to leave a legacy in the form of helping, supporting and inspiring the next generation of managers.

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