Mentoring can help youth as they go through challenging life transitions, including dealing with stressful changes at home or transitioning to adulthood. If someone gets 90% result in academics, but he/she does not communicate well to others, if unable to create impression on other, if not confident, if unable to express him/herself to other, if not good personality and thoughts then his/her result is big zero in real practical life. In the busy social and professional life parents can’t give the proper time to their child. And also mostly youngsters are not sharing everything to their parents. This communication gape create so many unwanted conclusion specially related to life and success goal. Every youngster has a mostly common dream that all want to become so famous in term of name, fame and money. But for that – proper planning, skill development, regular mentoring is must needed. There is no short cut for success, but smart way is available. If experienced person guides to youngsters than surely positive conclusion can be expected.

As per survey, mostly youngsters have 6 to 7 hours daily free time. If this time is invested for better improvement and for good future than surely our parents & society feel so proud for that. Finally its help to our nation for become “India a developed country – not developing country”. And this can’t happen without mentoring of youngsters.

YOUTH is all about full of energy and power than any other age group. If proper direction is given to that energy then surely historical achievement can be created but without proper mentoring it is wasted now a day.

“At the young age – one becomes Sachin Tendulkar and one becomes No one “– that is because of proper mentoring and without mentoring respectively.”

So, don’t wait now.

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