Mentoring is to support and encourage people to manage their own learning in order that they may maximize their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance and become the person they want to be.

Why mentoring is must require (Especially for youth)?

In the most competitive world, every person wants to be the best. In that most of people are very confused about what they want to do in life? How to be the best? , about choosing the right field of work or study, Goal planning, Career planning, life planning, etc. Also many people have personal fears like stage fear, communication problem, low confidence and so on.

And we know that confused person (without goal and with the fear) can never taste success and mostly finishes their life without achieve anything.

Every success minded person gets two real life.

One life – when he/she was born.

Happiest second life – when they get to know that why he/she was born?

Every person always want to find that why he was born?  But with their fears and confusions, they never get a success way. For that mentoring is must require.

Without engine train can’t be driven, same like that without mentoring – improvement or success journey can never take place. For improving your potential, ability, confidence, positive thinking- mentor is must require. Mentoring gives you the exact idea about your capabilities and weak areas and he works with you to improve your skills.

Time can’t be stopped or we can’t go to change our past. Every second of life is most important for deciding our life’s conclusion. So leave your confusion, forget fears and start your success journey with getting mentored.

Why Bhavin Shah is best Mentor?

At the age of 18, Bhavin Shah has started his journey for Youth Empowerment with ELITE organization. And in his whole journey, He has given more than 500 seminars and training sessions on different motivational topics and he is also rewarded as “youngest successful motivational speaker”.

He has guided more than 1,00,000 youngsters with inclusion of every age of people. And he had prepared more than 3000 trainers for spreading the “success mantra”. Also he has mentored 3000 aspirants. He is most famous and positive impact creating trainer in youth. He has transformed many lives and guided them for success path. With that work he has also maintained study with distinction in his last year of engineering and also in masters of business administration.

In all that, most important thing is that he converted his fear and weakness in strength. He fought with his biggest problem i.e. stammering problem. People were shocked by seeing that “stammering boy is now the best youngest motivational speaker”.

“If he can then u also can”.






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