An entrepreneur’s life is tough and unpredictable. Often, you are faced with many doubts and challenges. At times, you even find yourself lurching from problem to problem! Against this backdrop, having a mentor or two on board your venture can benefit you tremendously. A mentor is a priceless resource for any company, especially for companies that are in the start-up stage.

It takes a lot more than a good idea to start a successful business.

Bhavin’s Start-up Business Mentoring Program provides personal mentoring for people who have a new business idea or are looking for help in starting a new business or are looking for help to boost their existing start-up.

With his experience in business start-ups, he offered guidance, act as a sounding board, test your thinking, help you to validate your idea and support you in the development of a robust business plan.

Bhavin can add enormous value to an enterprise. So entrepreneur will have benefit from mentoring, your chances of success (and the scale of success) are very likely to be higher than otherwise.

As an entrepreneur, you may be wondering: ‘how exactly will Bhavin add value to your company?’

Here is how.

  • Business assessment: Bhavin will objectively assess the state of your business and the direction in which it is headed. He will bring in an unbiased point of view. In doing so, he will act as a mirror, reflecting the state of your business exactly as it is: warts, moles, blemishes and all. He will identify what’s right and what’s wrong with your business (or the business plan, depending on when exactly the mentor is brought on board) and help you fix things that need to be fixed.

His questions could pertain to the business model itself, the definition of target customers, the customer acquisition cost, the delivery times and SLAs, the time taken for the business to break-even, the extent of capital investment needed, the systems and processes being adopted and related anything. If there is something wrong with the business (such as a weak process, poor accounting standards, and a bad marketing plan, whatever) he will point it out to you and nudge you to take corrective action.

  • He will make you step back for making your planning full proof: 

Because you have your nose to the grind always — operationally speaking — he will pull you back a step every now and then, and make you see the big picture. He will help you look at the changes that are happening around you, which may have a bearing on your business. For instance, changes in consumer mind-set, distribution channels, technology, law, etc. could all affect business and so, have to be constantly factored into your planning.

  • He will open doors for you: As an entrepreneur, one of the biggest roadblocks you will face is a lack of professional contacts such as domain experts, service providers and potential employees. For instance, your business may need a website designer, an auditor, contacts in prospective client companies and an event manager, not to mention an investor. He can make a few calls and put you in touch with the relevant agencies and people. It is up to you to take it from there.

  • He will push the bar higher:  Entrepreneurs are often an unsure lot. While they want to make it big, deep down they are not sure if they will manage to achieve REALLY BIG goals. They are not sure how much to push themselves. He will demolish this self-doubt, install large doses of confidence in the entrepreneur and make him push the bar really high. As the saying goes, it is only when you aim for the stars that you will reach at least the moon.

  • He will share his value system with you: A good value system and work ethics are most important to a fledgling organization. If set up early, they can take the organisation a long way. They help maintain a clean and healthy working environment. He will share his professional value system with you and to the extent relevant, and get you to incorporate it in your organisation.

  • He will motivate you and will keep you shining: All the grind has to be balanced with large doses of humour. A mentor with a sense of humour can indeed be a great asset to your business. His joie de vivre is likely to rub off on you and your team, with the result that all of you unwind once in a while and keep celebrating successes along the way. You will even learn to laugh hysterically at your mistakes and move on. All this eases the working atmosphere tremendously and helps you retain your sanity. He will play a big role in calibrating your tempo, curbing your impatience and helping you keep the faith. He will also pat you on the back once in a while for a job well done or for a milestone achieved, thereby egging you on further.

In sum, Bhavin keeps his cross-hairs firmly on the interests of the business and from time to time, gives you the necessary inputs. And so, if you haven’t brought a Bhavin or two on board your company yet, do it right away!




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